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Amazing 3D optics and Easy on The Eyes! The Clarity Ergo Scope by ScienscopeProducts.com is the first enhanced stereo microscope to address the issues of eye fatigue, neck strain, and 3D image clarity into an amazingly priced package. Our advanced Parallel Zoom Optical System (CMO) design with Plan Achromatic Lenses deliver a very long depth-of-field view of the sample while projecting an amazing 3D image of the part. With a Zoom range of .8 to 80x (with 10x lens) our new track stands include LED lighting for vibrant top and bottom illumination along with course and fine-focus adjustments. We have 2 types of optical heads mounted on the zoom body: Tilting or Fixed. The new Tilting/Ergo Head truly resolves the headaches associated with using a stereo microscope continuously. The “Tilt-Ergo” head allows up to 45 degrees of tilt/positioning capability and 180 degrees of rotating capability to accommodate operators of any height or bench position of the stereo microscope.>

The Fixed head provides a 20 degree inclination of fatigue-free viewing for fixed applications. The 10x to 20x eyepieces have diopter adjustments and can be used on either head. All Clarity series microscopes are easily upgradeable to a Trinocular (Video Camera) port for on-screen viewing and image capture at mega pixel resolution. XGA cameras connect directly to the monitor and provide image capture on a standard SD card while annotation and defect measurement can be accomplished using Video Image Express software and Mega Pixel USB cameras. Compare the quality and price of the “3D Tilt system” to all the other name brand systems and we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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